The Republic is Saved!


The Republic is Saved!

The will of the people is exercised.

The arrogance, the hubris, and the incompetence of the Democrats will plague us no longer!

Paradise be upon us? No, not hardly. But, at least the government will no longer continue to grow unabated. At least "Obamacare" can no longer be fully inflicted upon us. At least there will be no more "stimulus / porkulus" boondoggles inflicted upon us either.

With the Republicans in solid control of one house and in striking range of the other, the Democrats can no longer make things worse - yet they are not so out of power as to be absolved of the current failings. This then sets the stage perfectly for a crushing 2012 Republican ascendancy!

Huzzah! The Republic is Saved!


This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order.


P.J. O’Rourke nails it. Again!

Mr. O'Rourke is conservative Republican commentator of many years but he's not your typical pundit of the right. The guy has had a long running column in Rolling Stone and he likes to describe himself as a "Republican Party Animal."

Aside from his razor sharp insights he is also blessed with an equally sharp whit. With that whit he's been able to wonderfully puncture the over-inflated sense of self importance that far too many of today's Democrats lord themselves over the rest of us with.

His latest essay is yet another wonderful example of P.J.'s insight and whit as he lays bare the failings of the Democrats and the necessity of voting those bastards out of power. This pieces is brief and to the point. It's well worth the read.

They Hate Our Guts

Among the more telling bits is this one:

"This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order."

That sums up my feeling about how off track the Democrats have become and I know I am far from alone in that feeling.

Enjoy the read, it is well worth it!


The Joy & Beauty of Science


This is beautiful.  And awesome.

A dad and his kids decided to do some really wonderful science and hooked together a camera and an iPhone in a package that they slung beneath a helium filled weather balloon and then let the thing go in upstate New York.

The balloon reached 100,000 feet altitude - into space - before the lack of atmospheric pressure caused it to fail.  As it burst it deployed its parachute which allowed the assembly to come back to Earth at a safe speed.  Due to the phone's GPS feature they were able to track it and retrieve the whole thing.

And thus we have this video.

This is wonderful stuff!  Things like this can really fire folks up about science - particular kids - as it shows what's possible with just a bit of ingenuity and some basic tech.  No multimillion dollar Federal grants were required here.  No approvals from layers of bureaucrats were needed either.

Just a dad and his boys setting out to do something really, really cool.


Hat tip: Scott Lowther

Like Rats Fleeing A Sinking Ship - Rahm to Bail and Dems to Fail


For the Republic, it's been a long two years.  For Obama, it's going to be an even longer two years remaining in his term. 

Last week saw Obama's Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, quit his post and quit the Obama administration altogether.  The speculation being that Obama's pet Pit Bull is gonna have a run at being Chicago's next mayor.  What ever he's winds up doing the fact of the matter is that he fled Obama's ship of state just slightly ahead of it going under.  He's hardly the first of the administration's "brightest of the bright" to bail as fast as they could from Team Obama.  I rather doubt he'll be the last.  And this goes beyond simple staff changes at an administration's mid-point.  We're talking key players here and the folks who the inexperienced "community activist" turned to for guidance through Washington's political jungle.

On the one hand, considering what devastation Obama has wrought upon the Republic with their help, perhaps it's good to see them jumping ship.  One can only wonder though, just how in the world Obama will be able to function without them.

This would be so even were things going swimmingly for Team Obama and the Democrats.  However, things are not going swimmingly for any of them - unless you define swimmingly as meaning the desperate flailing in the water that immediately precedes drowning.

Proof here can be seen in the most recent Gallup polling.

GOP Well Positioned Among Likely Midterm Voters

Gallup's generic ballot for Congress among registered voters currently shows Republicans with 46% of the vote and Democrats with 43%, similar to the 46% to 46% tie reported a week ago. However, in Gallup's first estimates among likely voters, based on polling from Sept. 23-Oct. 3, Republicans have a double-digit advantage under two separate turnout scenarios.

"Double-digit advantage?"  Oh man!  As they say in the pros - you know, that's gotta hurt!

What makes this all the more special is that these numbers are coming from Gallup.  The Gallup Polling company traditionally under-reports bad news for the Democrats and the political left while over-reporting any bad news for the Republicans and the political right.  So, if Gallup is publishing figures that show the Democrats in this bad a position then you know if's gotta be truly bad for them.

So, with Obama's "Brain Trust" fleeing like rats from a sinking ship and with the Democrats in Congress facing a sea of endless defeat, it's pretty safe to say that Obama's "happy times" are well and truly over.  Not that the past two years have been all that happy though.  You'd have thought that with not just a majority in Congress but a SUPER-majority there that Team Obama would've been able to push their whole agenda through in just the first hundred days.  Instead, the Democrats on Capitol Hill have reeled from one legislative failure, disaster, and screw-up to another.  Oh, they've gotten some big things done alright but only managed to accomplish them in the most painful, exhausting, and aggravating manner possible.  The political ineptitude up there on the Hill and in the White House is rather stunning.

It is also no surprise then that the GOP is set to retake at least one house of Congress and thus crush any hope of the Democrats inflicting any more of their "transformation" upon the Republic.  This then is going to make the remaining two years of Obama's term be miserable ones for him.

And that couldn't happen to a more deserving guy.

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Folsom 2010


Just a brief note.

I'm writing this as I sit here in my tan Utilikilt and my Catskill Mountain Moccasins at the Legends bar in Terminal One of SFO and having my third Blue Moon.  I'm on my way back to Denver tonight after a most excellent weekend with my lady.  Getting through TSA in my Uk was easier than I'd hoped.  I did qualify for an individual pat down and the TSA dude who did so commented that mine was the most "manly kilt" he'd yet seen.  I'll take that!

We had a fine time celebrating her birthday, enjoying a Ren Faire - where she met a former high school classmate she'd not laid eyes on in some several decades and then got her hair braided at the booth where said classmate was now working, took in another excellent Folsom, and did some catching up with friends. 

While at Folsom there was the first appearance of Tribune Madoc Hibernius Brittanicus Maximus and his Roman slave ponygirl.  That went over exceptionally well!
No photos as of yet.  Those will come!  In the meantime, I had a most excellent time.  And as I'm on my way back to the Mile High City(tm) and its scant three weeks of work remaining, I am missing my lady already.

Until later,


Mourning In America...


This is pure political awesomeness!

Agree or disagree with its premise - you will have to agree that its presentation is exceptionally well done.

"Mourning In America" is a very well executed riff on Reagan's classic "Morning In America..." reelection ad of 1984.  The 180 degree change in message here is extremely effective counter to that original message.  Back then, Reagan was trumpeting America's turn around from both the 1970's societal depression after Vietnam, Watergate, and the national "malaise" as well as highlighting Reagan's success in getting the economy going after Carter's epic failures.  It was as slick a bit of political advertising as you'd expect to come from a guy who's previous career was that of a hugely successful Hollywood movie star.  Back then, "Morning in America" reflected the hope, optimism, and renewed national pride that all flourish under Reagan.  And like him or not, it did flourish.

This new ad is a near perfect highlight of how all that's gone wrong under Obama.  For many millions of Americans there's nothing to be hopeful, optimistic nor proud about when it comes to where we are now as a nation - let alone as to where we're headed either.  Rather then any yelling, screaming or ranting, this ad points out the sadness that many millions of us feel over how our national leadership is failing and how dim and pathetic a view of our future they have for us.

It is a very effective call to arms for this year's mid-terms.

And, like its message or not, you will have to agree that it's very, very well done!

"...Let's choose a smaller, more caring government.  One that remembers... us."