madoc62 (madoc62) wrote,

First Orbit - Yuri Gagarin's Flight


A bit of awesomeness and human joy here.

The folks over at Attic Room Production have created a wonder filled reproduction of Yuri Gagarin's flight.

It runs just about an hour and a half long - slightly longer than Yuri's actual flight - and has the audio track of Gagarin's radio conversations with Korolev and others back on the ground as the monitored and controlled the flight.

This was the first time a human being had traveled into space and it was an amazing achievement for our race.

Definitely something worth remembering and celebrating.  Which is something that this film does well.

The visuals here are taken from the International Space Station and are definitely worth watching just for the sheer beauty of them on their own.

All in all, this is a thing of wonder and a joy to behold.


Tags: awesome, awesomeness, history, space development, technology, yuri gagarin
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