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Down the Rabbit Hole


Just encountered this essay linked from a discussion about our being at war with Libya.

Down the Rabbit Hole

I've had substantial misgivings about this misadventure our Nobel Peace Prize Laureate president has set this nation upon.

Upon reading this article on the American Interest site I now realize things are worse - much worse - than I'd thought.

Our president has thrown us into a conflict that we have nothing to gain from, a conflict that is only going to escalate, a conflict that is only going to worsen, and a conflict from which we can not now extricate ourselves from.  We have rushed - blindly - to aid "rebels" we know nothing about, who may very well be Al Qaeda terrorists or are at the least militant anti-western Islamists, and ultimately, who also can not possibly hold the entire country together even if they succeeded in overthrowing Qaddafi.

Our mission in Libya was to enforce a "no-fly zone" to "protect civilians."  We interpreted that to mean just destroying Libya's air force and air defense capabilities.  France has interpreted the mission to mean destroying the rest of the Libyan military on the ground.  The mission was originally not to target Qaddafi.  Now the mission has morphed into requiring him to step down - at the least - if not outright gunning for him directly.

All that the "no-fly zone" could accomplish on its own was to create a stalemate between the anti-government rebels and Gaddafi's forces.  To do anything more - in particular if the rebels can not muster far more capability than they've thus far shown - will require us to send our troops in to do the job for them.

Folks, read through this essay as it paints things very clearly as to just how huge a mistake we've just made by getting involved in Libya's civil war.  We're going to be damned by our war with Libya.  Damned for years to come.

Yay us!


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