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Yet Another Broken Obama Promise

Gotta love it!

Back when Barrack Hussein Obama was but a mere presidential candidate he made a solemn vow and promise.  Well, actually, he made bunches of them.  This one though is not just another one that he's gone on to break - there's bunches of those to! - but it's one that's particularly relevant right now with the demonstrations going on up in Madison, Wisconsin.

That's right, Barrack Hussein Obama promised to march alongside any US worker demonstrating for their collective bargaining rights.

I know it's asking a lot for a guy who's on record as not liking the cold.  But, he did promise to put on a pair of "comfortable shoes" and be there walking the picket line shoulder to shoulder with American workers because it's so important to him. 

That's just the kinda guy he said is.

And the fact that he's not there now is just more proof of the kinda guy he actually is.

And that, folks, is change we can all believe in.  Yes, we can!


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