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Doctors handing out fake medical excuses at WI union protest

This is disgusting.

We now have on camera record of doctors handing out "sick notes" to the union protesters at Madison, Wisconsin rally. 

"Sick notes" so as to allow those protesters to do their protesting AND get paid for it by declaring their time spent as being a "sick day."  Thus, they keep their jobs, get paid for their time spent away from their work, stick the taxpayers with the bill, force their schools to close due to their being protesting and not at those schools teaching, deny their students the education their parents have paid for and demonstrate what "true" commitment to their cause is really about.

I say we should fire them all.

Fire every one of those bastards who tries using one of those "sick notes."

Then haul before the medical license boards every one of those "medical professionals" who dispensed such notes. Fire them all. And then bring them up on charges of fraud and theft.

If you're so aggrieved by what's going on such that you're motivated to protest then you should be aggrieved enough to accept the consequences of doing so. Lying, cheating and stealing your way out of those consequences is a grossly irresponsible, unethical and illegal thing to do.

And it's a thing that is all too typical of the left.

Fire them all.


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