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Blood Dancing


Jared Loughner, the shooter in Arizona who shot nineteen people, killing six of them, is bat shit crazy.

Period.  Dot.  End of Line. 

In a rational world that'd be about it.  Oh, perhaps there'd be a just and thorough examination of how this obviously unbalanced individual could've slipped through our society's numerous mental health safeguards before his mental instabilities exploded in such a lethal way.

But, we live not in a rational world.

At least not when there's political points to be made.

Even before the bodies of the dead at the shooting scene had cooled - the left's hate machine was cranked up to full blast.  With absolutely no facts on the ground the media, commentators, and far, far too many liberals in general were chiming in as to the obvious guilt here. 

Obviously, the shooter was a right-wing nutjob.  Obviously.  It was a Democrat who was shot, so, obviously, the shooter had to be a Republican - and more to the point, a rabid, conservative, gun-loving, pro-war, Palin worshiping, Republican.  Obviously.

In the blink of an eye, the hate machine trotted out all its tried and true anti-Palin filth.  She, obviously, was the direct inspiration and cause of Lougher's rampage.  Obviously.

They couldn't even wait to see if Gifford was alive or not before spewing death threats at Palin.

Then, more facts became known.

In a rational world, those facts should've stopped the hate machine cold.  In a rational world, the left would've issued a collective apology for their assumptions and spewings.  In a rational world they would've examined their own failings.

Instead, it's gotten worse.

Jared Loughner is anything but a creature of the right wing.  Described by his classmates as being a "left-wing pothead" and "quite liberal" Loughner suddenly didn't fit the left's cherished stereotypes.  And, instead he was one of their own.

And suddenly it became apparent that the left was blood dancing.

That is to say that the left was using the deaths in Arizona for purely political purposes.  It was, effectively, dancing in the blood of the victims by screaming its lies about the right - who had nothing to do with the shooter.

Blood dancing.

That's what it has become.

In a rational world, the left would never have even started such dancing.  At the very least it would have turned off its hate machine, it would've stopped it's blame game, it would've reined in its near ceaseless attacks on Palin once the facts became known.

In a rational world the left would've seen that it has been spewing hate that's just as bad if not worse and doing so for as long if not longer.

In a rational world.

Instead, the blood dancing continues.

No pause.  No admission of even a slight contribution by the left to the current tone of political discourse.  No admission of its own murderous and hateful rhetoric.

Just more blood dancing.

Tags: analysis, current events, hypocrisy, liberals, partisan stupidity, political
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