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The Joy & Beauty of Science

This is beautiful.  And awesome.

A dad and his kids decided to do some really wonderful science and hooked together a camera and an iPhone in a package that they slung beneath a helium filled weather balloon and then let the thing go in upstate New York.

The balloon reached 100,000 feet altitude - into space - before the lack of atmospheric pressure caused it to fail.  As it burst it deployed its parachute which allowed the assembly to come back to Earth at a safe speed.  Due to the phone's GPS feature they were able to track it and retrieve the whole thing.

And thus we have this video.

This is wonderful stuff!  Things like this can really fire folks up about science - particular kids - as it shows what's possible with just a bit of ingenuity and some basic tech.  No multimillion dollar Federal grants were required here.  No approvals from layers of bureaucrats were needed either.

Just a dad and his boys setting out to do something really, really cool.


Hat tip: Scott Lowther

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