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Folsom 2010


Just a brief note.

I'm writing this as I sit here in my tan Utilikilt and my Catskill Mountain Moccasins at the Legends bar in Terminal One of SFO and having my third Blue Moon.  I'm on my way back to Denver tonight after a most excellent weekend with my lady.  Getting through TSA in my Uk was easier than I'd hoped.  I did qualify for an individual pat down and the TSA dude who did so commented that mine was the most "manly kilt" he'd yet seen.  I'll take that!

We had a fine time celebrating her birthday, enjoying a Ren Faire - where she met a former high school classmate she'd not laid eyes on in some several decades and then got her hair braided at the booth where said classmate was now working, took in another excellent Folsom, and did some catching up with friends. 

While at Folsom there was the first appearance of Tribune Madoc Hibernius Brittanicus Maximus and his Roman slave ponygirl.  That went over exceptionally well!
No photos as of yet.  Those will come!  In the meantime, I had a most excellent time.  And as I'm on my way back to the Mile High City(tm) and its scant three weeks of work remaining, I am missing my lady already.

Until later,


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