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Mourning In America...

This is pure political awesomeness!

Agree or disagree with its premise - you will have to agree that its presentation is exceptionally well done.

"Mourning In America" is a very well executed riff on Reagan's classic "Morning In America..." reelection ad of 1984.  The 180 degree change in message here is extremely effective counter to that original message.  Back then, Reagan was trumpeting America's turn around from both the 1970's societal depression after Vietnam, Watergate, and the national "malaise" as well as highlighting Reagan's success in getting the economy going after Carter's epic failures.  It was as slick a bit of political advertising as you'd expect to come from a guy who's previous career was that of a hugely successful Hollywood movie star.  Back then, "Morning in America" reflected the hope, optimism, and renewed national pride that all flourish under Reagan.  And like him or not, it did flourish.

This new ad is a near perfect highlight of how all that's gone wrong under Obama.  For many millions of Americans there's nothing to be hopeful, optimistic nor proud about when it comes to where we are now as a nation - let alone as to where we're headed either.  Rather then any yelling, screaming or ranting, this ad points out the sadness that many millions of us feel over how our national leadership is failing and how dim and pathetic a view of our future they have for us.

It is a very effective call to arms for this year's mid-terms.

And, like its message or not, you will have to agree that it's very, very well done!

"...Let's choose a smaller, more caring government.  One that remembers... us."


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