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Obama's Inauguration to be most expensive ever at $150M - madoc62 — LiveJournal
Obama's Inauguration to be most expensive ever at $150M

You gotta love this!

Obama's Inauguration Cost Set to Pass $150 Million, Becoming Most Expensive Inauguration Ever

Obama's inauguration cost is going to become quite expensive. The cost of President-elect Barack Obama's presidential inauguration is rumored to cost between $150 and $160 million to pull off. Having such a high cost for the Obama inauguration of course brings to mind comparisons between Obama's and that of past Presidents of the United States. The last inauguration, which took place in 2005 for President George W. Bush cost only $42.3 million, whereas the 1993 inauguration for President Bill Clinton totaled $33 million.

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Let's see now, the nation is in the midst of the worst economic times in many, many years - if not decades. The unemployment rolls are growing by the minute. The Federal defecit is growing by the second. The American public is becoming increasingly disgusted as one bunch of fat cat industrialists demands their own bailout. The nation's banks are demanding a second bailout, and the nation's automakers are next in line.

In such a horrific financial and economic environment Obama's kick off party is going to be the most expensive in history. In fact, Obama's big party is going to be almost four times the cost of his predecssor's.

Wasn't Obama on national TV recently telling us all to be frugal and expect hard financial times ahead and that we should all just tighten our belts a bit? Yeah, I thought so.

And now he's turning around and throwing himself a $150,000,000 party.

Yes folks, this is change we can believe in!

Yes we can!


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