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Well, that was fun.

I have now come to an end of the job at Cymer.  They had me there for a full year as a temp.  My one year mark was on the 19th of April.  In the months prior, my boss at Cymer told me my position was funded through the end of the year and that he was all for getting me hired on as a regular Cymer employee.  A couple of weeks later he told me that the then current reorganizations were keeping things up in the air but that my position was authorized for at least another month.  And that he was still pushing for my being hired on. 

On the 19th my one year mark passed without note from Cymer.  No surprise that, as the folk in my management chain were both overseas.  And there were the usual fire drills firing.

On the 20th, I got a call from a company I'd interviewed with so long ago that I forgot exactly when that was.  It might have been early last fall or perhaps back in January of this year.  In any event, they were in a rush and wanted me to start a new contracting gig on the 27th.  Whilst still trying to figure out who, exactly, these folks were I told them I had to give at least two week's notice to Cymer.  That's the right 'n proper thing to do and doing so also doesn't burn bridges.  The new job still had a need to at least get me out there to the job site so I could do a handoff with their guy who had to leave by the 27th.  So, while I booked that, I used the weekend to try and get Cymer to budge.

My boss at Cymer, was in Singapore at the time but I got a hold of him via email and his cellphone.  He then started lighting things up on his end.  Come Monday morning however, there was no joy from Cymer.  I'd hoped for at least some sort of counter offer.  Something which I could justify remaining in San Diego for as life on the road has its downsides.  But, the upper management at Cymer has never seen the need for a dedicated project scheduler.  So, they refused to budge.  And thus I gave my official notice on Monday the 23rd and set May 4th as my last day.

On the 7th I'm due to start as a contractor at Goodrich ISR in Albuquerque.  This'll be like the first contractor gig I had with SM&A back in '08.  Base hourly rate plus full GSA per diem on the rest.  The difference though, will be that they only do expense reimbursements on a monthly basis.  SM&A ran things on a weekly basis.  That's a lot to do up front. 

I made sure to do my "i's" and cross my "t's" at work and spoke with our HR rep about my leaving.  It was at that time that I was informed that my last day might actually be the 30th.  Turns out that the "another month" my Cymer boss had spoken of was this month and, since I was leaving anyway, they elected not to do any extending whatsoever.  So, even though I pushed back my starting on this new job so as to be fair to Cymer, Cymer in turn decided to short me.  Just business, nothing personal.  While I understand that, and as a temp I've no grounds to bitch at all, it still leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

It also makes it clear to me that heading for newer pastures is a wise choice as Cymer management's consideration of me and my time their was obviously not of value to them.

I am looking forward to working at Goodrich.  The pay will be very substantially better.  I'll still be keeping my digs in San Diego as the new gig is only three months long, officially.  The guy I'm replacing was there for only three months as well.  Then they extended him for another three.  He's only leaving as he has family issues to tend to.  He gave them six weeks notice and Goodrich only got busy dealing with it five weeks later!  So, it looks like I could well be there well past the three month mark.  I wouldn't mind that at all.  The new income will enable me to really knock down the debt I piled up with all that unemployment I've endured over the past few years.

I'm gonna make good use of the "downtime" I'm now "enjoying."  There's a bunchaton of stuff I must needs get done before jetting off to ABQ.  Now I'll have more time to put that to effect.

Well, like they say, change is good, change or die.  So, time for a change.

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